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Meditation/Relaxation Session

Nervous System Regulation

  • 30 min
  • 70 US dollars
  • Online via Zoom

Service Description

"Nervous System Regulation is, at its core, the ability to move flexibly between different states of arousal in response to stressors. This means that when we encounter a change in our environment, like a stressful situation, we can adapt so that we are not overwhelmed. It also means we completely recover after the stressor has been removed. This ability to be flexible and adapt to the circumstances gives us a sense of agency; it makes us feel confident and secure because we can understand and navigate the world in the ways we choose. When our nervous system is regulated, being in our bodies fosters a sense of safety. On the contrary, we could say that Nervous System Dysregulation is, in essence, overwhelm and translates into a sense of powerlessness. We feel we have no control over how we respond to triggers, and we remain stuck in that response even after the trigger is removed. When our nervous system is chronically dysregulated, our bodies develop various symptoms and conditions. Being in our body may feel painful, uncomfortable, or even terrifying. Trauma, burnout, illness, and chronic pain all stem from an overwhelmed nervous system." - Dr. Linnea Passaler In this 30 minute session in the privacy of your own home, Karina will assess the state of your nervous system, then guide you in simple breathwork, relaxation, or contemplation to support your NSR.

Cancellation Policy

To cancel within 24 hours, please contact Karina directly.

Contact Details

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