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Pre-Coaching Education

Prepare for Your Private Session or Healing Circle:

Karina believes in transparency as a facilitator. She also believes that psycho-education empowers people to get the most out of their private or group sessions.


Below are five, 7-minute video clips to provide context for the work you'll do together. Take what is valuable to you in this 35 minutes of education, and leave the rest for someone else, (who may be seeking the exact content that doesn't resonate with you).

  • It's helpful to complete these five videos before starting sessions

  • You are welcome to save any of these videos in your YouTube

  • Lecture videos are best viewed in full screen mode:

    • Hover on video and look for  the "broken box" in lower right corner

Video 1: "Parts Meta" Exercise;
Self-Compassion Practice


Meet your parts! If you are comfortable, close your eyes. "When the outer eyes close, the inner eyes open."- Sikh saying

Video 2: Parts Work PowerPoint

Karina introduces Internal Family Systems (IFS) and her mentor, Tom Holmes, PhD's approach to Parts Work. (Images by Sharon Eckstein with permissions)

Video 3: Yoga Mindset - part 1


These two videos are clips from the YMC Basic Training program. They're a brief, but deep dive into the psychology of Patanjali's Yoga Sutra, with cross references to neuroscience.

Video 4: Yoga Mindset - part 2


Part two focuses of the causes of suffering according to Patanjali.

Video 5: Soft Belly Practice

This 5 minute practice allows us to be with whatever is arising in awareness softly. It teaches us to be with it ourselves mercifully.

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