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Relationship Coaching

Karina Mirsky, BBA, MA, ERYT earned her Masters degree in East/West Psychology from Antioch University in 2009 and has been in private practice since. Her mission is to help people gain clarity and confidence and transform patterns of suffering. Whatever challenges her clients are facing, Karina accepts them as they are, and uses client centered approaches like Parts Work to help them move in the direction they want to go. Karina works with people of all ethnicities, sexual orientations, gender identities and levels of physical ability. She centers Black lives and is trauma, polyamorous, and kink informed. 

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Note from Karina:


Romantic partners often seek support when they find themselves repeating the same negative patterns, or need to repair trust or intimacy. Together, we will explore the dynamics in your relationship and how to help each person feel heard, understood, and cared for.


My role is to help you see yourself and each other more clearly, help foster productive communication, empathy, and problem solving. This work often draws partners much closer together. It can also help partners to uncouple harmoniously, if that is in the highest way.

How Does Scheduling Work?

Relationship Coaching happens in cycles of three sessions:

  • The first two are individual sessions (for the partners separately)

  • The third session is a group session (with everyone together)

  • We repeat this cycle at a frequency that works everyone

Why does scheduling work like this?


Because it's the most ethical and effective way to help two people. Couple's work is successful when both partners are willing and show up as fully invested participants. Research shows that 50% of the therapeutic impact is based in the therapeutic relationship. In order to help a couple, each person must genuinely trust that Karina understands them and their best interests. This format negates triangulation so she can support the relationship fairly and unbiasedly.

Payment Policies:


  1. Payment is recommended at the time of booking

  2. Individual sessions are eligible for sliding scale discounts

  3. Group sessions are NOT eligible for discounts

  4. Failure to complete payment can result in termination of service

  5. Purchase all 3 couple's sessions together for a $50 discount


Cancellation Policy: 


For missed appointments or those cancelled within 48 hours, a donation for Karina's lost wages is requested to stay in good standing for rescheduling.  Read FAQ's


​Schedule Virtual Sessions

  • Virtual Sessions via Zoom 

  • Wednesdays & Fridays (occasional Sunday)

  • Scheduled in the Eastern Time Zone

  • Please book 2-4 weeks in advance

  • Rebooking several months in advance is recommended

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Schedule in Local Office

Remington House (Downtown Kalamazoo)

309 W. Walnut St., Kalamazoo MI 49007

  • Thursdays (email to request other days)

  • Please book 2-4 weeks in advance

  • Rebooking several months in advance is recommended

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