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About Karina Mirsky

Since 1998, Karina has helped countless people gain clarity, confidence, and relief. Her somatic approach to whole-person healing is informed by her nine years in disabilities massage therapy, 25 years as an international yoga educator, and 15 years as an IFS-coach and Parts Work practitioner. Karina holds a compassionate container for people to explore their inner and outer lives. Her greatest joy is witnessing others access their own internal wisdom and healing resources. In 2018, Karina wrote her first book on Parts Work & Subtle Yoga, and founded Yoga Mindset Coaching (YMC). Since then, she's been training yoga teachers, psychotherapists, healers, romantic partners, and self-helpers to use parts informed self-inquiry, and somatic techniques. Karina also is a seasoned retreat leader and non-religious wedding officiant. Long committed to inclusivity and accessibility, Karina is honored to work with all identities and levels of ability. (See Approach below)

Degrees & Certification

Yoga Alliance Registries: E-RYT500, YACEP (2004-present)

Karina offers CEU's for yoga & meditation teachers

MA in East/West Psychology (2009)

Masters of Arts, (focus in IFS): Antioch University Midwest

IFS Coaching Certificate (2018)

IFS Institute - Internal Family Systems

Religious Trauma Certificate (2023)

Global Center for Religious Research

Healing the Healer Certificate (2004)

IFS & Buddhist Psychology: Tom Holmes, PhD (WMU emeritus) 

BBA in Entrepreneurship | Minor in Holistic Health (1998)

Bachelors in Business Administration: Western Michigan University

Image by Göran Eidens
Karina bio


Whether you're struggling with grief, trauma, or just feeling stuck in your life, Karina believes you deserve genuine care and support. Parts Work helps you identify and work with the conflicting aspects of yourself, or parts that may be holding you back or causing pain. Subtle yoga interventions and nervous system regulation techniques integrate the mind and body for lasting change and peace. 

Karina Mirsky teaching yoga

Pedagogy & Ethos

Biopsychosocial + Spiritual Lens

The biopsychosocial approach systemically considers, biological, psychological, and social factors and their complex interactions. This view informs understanding a person's unique needs

Client Centered

“Modeling open and honest communication is the first thing a client should see within the therapeutic relationship in the client centered approach. It shows what is possible and that the therapist is willing to show vulnerability to the client, just as the client will do for the therapist. It’s a reciprocal relationship.” - Minkyung Chung, MS, LMHC

Antiracism & Intersectionality

Antiracism is the active process of changing systems, organizational structures, policies and practices and attitudes, so that power is redistributed and shared equitably. Intersectionality is a metaphor for understanding how multiple forms of inequality or discrimination can compound to create obstacles that often are not widely understood.

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