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Karina Mirsky at Pyramids in Florida

Asana Archive 

Lifetime access to a library of Karina's tantric yoga workshops filmed at Blue Osa in Costa Rica.


Book Store

See Karina's publications &
a list of books she frequently recommends! 

Online guided meditation

Audio Tracks

Downloads of Karina's guided meditations & relaxations. (individual tracks & full albums)

Best Harem Pants

Karina's a Harem Pants Ambassador. Get 10% off everything, anytime!

USE CODE: karina (at checkout)

Image by Christina Rumpf

Wellness Products

Karina's top picks for health & wellness products, found at good prices on Amazon.

BeYogi Insurance

Insurance Discount

Affordable liability insurance for yoga teachers & wellness professionals. (Partner link)

Digital Features

These two digital products go hand-in-hand!
The videos in the Asana Archive are directly related to content in Karina's YTT manual!

Yoga training manual
Yoga Training Manual

Yoga Teacher Training Manual


A digital version of the Sangha Yoga

500-hour RYT program manual!

Asana Archive



Lifetime access to a video library of 8+ intermediate-advanced yoga workshops guided by Karina

Already purchased? Access videos here.

Top Picks: 
Wellness Products

Some amazing health and wellness products are difficult to access at a reasonable price. Karina endorses all the products below.  If link to an Amazon product  from this page, Karina earns a small commission from the retailer at no cost to you.

Ayurvedic Deodorant 

Scent of Samadhi - (essential oil resin)

scent of samadhi

If you've ever said to Karina, "wow, you smell so good," 

chances are she said, "it's my deodorant." If you like incense, you'll love this resin of tulsi, sandalwood, clove, and rose. 


Usually around $25, a jar lasts 6 months. A tiny bit goes a long long way. Powerful & Euphoric!

Copper Tongue Scrapers

2-pack with carry cases

tongue scraper

Natural Ayurveda product. Copper is naturally anti-microbial and anti-bacterial. It provides

enzymes that promote the survival of good bacteria and important microbes in your mouth. Copper is not susceptible to rust or mold.

The Round Yoga Mat

Get out of the box!

circle yoga mat

Be able to move freely and face any direction! Circular yoga mats are great for teaching and practicing

many forms of exercise.

VR players love them too!

This double sided mat has a great quality, thickness, and price at around $40!

Restorative Yoga Kit

Affordable Essentials

restorative yoga kit

6-Pack Restorative Yoga Kit:

1 Bolster (24" x 12" x 6")
2 Yoga Blocks (4" x 6" x 9")
1 6ft D-Ring Yoga Strap
1 Mexican Yoga Blanket
1 Unscented Eye Pillow

All six pieces for about $87!

Best Percussion Massage Tool

Professional Device -powerful/effective

Me Pro massager

Opove M3 Pro had sold more than 500,000 units. It' the best on the market. People come to Karina's house to use hers!


Professional-grade power and performance - 70lbs stall force, 4-8 Hours long battery life; 5 speed range max 2500 revolutions per minute.

Leg Compression + Heat

Best Value for Price

massage boots

Gradual deeper compression relieves muscle tension in the feet, calf and thigh. Increases whole body circulation. Heating function sooths pain. Extension straps meet the needs of different size people.


After trying a few of these, Karina purchased this one and is happy, (so are her friends!) 

Original "Reacher"

Best grabber device 

best reacher grabber

Wide Claw & Magnetic Tip.

Featherweight. Extends your reach by 26 inches. You can reach higher and lower than normal without strain.

Get this 2-pack at the $10 discount, you'll thanks us!

Best Ice/Heat Gel Packs

Three large packs + long velcro strap

best ice packs with strap

A must have for every household. LARGE and super comfortable. Velcro strap keeps pack in place, allowing for movement during a 20 minute treatment! Awesome pain relief, quality, and fit.


You'll wonder where this has been your whole life.

PT/Exercise Band

Great quality for a great price!

therapy band

Made of Eco-friendly natural latex for maximum strength. Each band comes with soft Grip Handles, Door Anchor, Starter Guide & Carry Case.


Multiple options for resistance, priced between $11-15. Totally worth it!

TRX - Home Gym

Effective, compact, lifetime fitness tool


All-In-One Suspension Trainer System that revolutionized personal fitness. Designed for full-body workouts using only your bodyweight. Easily anchors to doors, rafters, or beams at home—as well as anywhere outdoors like trees, poles, or posts.

Best Anti-Fatigue Mat

Durable, supportive, easy to clean!

kangaroo anti shock mat

Stand comfortably for longer periods of time! Ergonomic design reduces stress and fatigue on feet, joints, and spine. Longevity of support is superior to other brands.

Everyone who comes into Karina's home comments on these mats. Simply amazing.

Best Laundry Sheets

Not well marketed, but a better product.


Karina has tried four brands of "plastic-less," laundry detergent, including the well marketed Earth Breeze.  So far, Earth Wash cleans the best, and does not leave a white powdery residue.- Cut in half for smaller loads!

Daily Probiotic 

Wide Spectrum for Gut Health

best probiotic

Unique strands, seen results.
50 Billion Living organisms per serving, featuring Targeted Release Technology to help Probiotics survive stomach acids to reach the intestines.


Organic Prebiotics Fiber is also included in this affordable formula.

Specialty Probiotic 

Vaginal & Urinary Health


Along with Boric Acid suppositories, this specific, two-strain probiotic formula is a game changer for those suffering with chronic BV or candida (yeast) infections.


(P.S. Can be inserted vaginally)

Clean Protein 

Best price available (contains dairy)


20 grams of 100% New Zealand-sourced clean grass fed milk protein, 2 grams of dietary fiber, low net carbs, 130 calories per serving

A perfect way to supplement protein in your diet and reduce cravings and hunger. Good source of calcium.

Mushroom Magic

Make any coffee mushroom coffee!

mushroom powder

Mushroom coffee is expensive, especially for "real fruiting mushrooms, "which most companies don't use! Get 15x more active ingredients in a mushroom blend powder from a company that's been producing lab tested products for over 20 yrs


Caffeine free. Gluten free. Organic. - Great in soups!

Healthy, Vibrant Skin 

Feel & see an immediate difference

PC exfoliant

People often comment on Karina's skin. Along with this 1% Retinol, and this SPF, this amazing Exfoliant is a staple in her skin care routine.


Includes both BHA (salicylic acid) and AHA (glycolic acid) to gently remove dead skin cells & hydrate. Liquid Exfoliant helps unclog & diminish enlarged pores, smooths wrinkles & brightens skin tone. WORKS.

Complex Collagen Pill

Results for joints & skin! (not vegan)

best collagen

Contains 5 types of collagen peptides, hyaluronic acid, amino acids, and vitamin C for absorption. 1600mg of our Multi Collagen. 60mg of Hyaluronic Acid.

3rd party tested for quality and manufactured in the USA in a cGMP-compliant facility.

PS: Caps can be opened and dumped into morning coffee.

Hometown Tools for Parts Work

Make a Difference and Make a Living Teaching Yoga

Karina's Revolutionary Book

Integrating Classical Yoga Psychology, IFS Parts Work, & Nervous System Regulation.

Black Experiences: Cards for Parts Work

Black Experiences: Cards for Parts Work

by award-winning Black artist, Kenjji. Representation matters, so Tom & Karina initiated this project.

Parts Work book

Parts Work by Tom Holmes, PhD

Karina's mentor's first book has sold over 100,000 copies. Translated into multiple languages.

Inner Active Cards

The original InnerActive Cards

Illustrated cards for Parts Work, by Sharon Eckstein. Used world wide!

Yoga, Meditation & Ayurveda

Karina's commentaries coming soon...


Psychology & Neuroscience Self-Help 

No Bad Parts

IFS: Healing Trauma

by IFS Founder, Dick Schwartz (foreword by Alanis Morisette)

The Body Keeps the Score

Research on Trauma

by acclaimed trauma researcher, Bessel van der Kolk

In the Realm of Hungry Ghosts

Healing Addiction

new, holistic, trauma-informed approach by Gabor Mate, MD


Gabor Mate' Book Collection
5 books, discounted to good price! "nearly new" used books

Why Zebras Don't Get Ulcers

Stress & Illness

3rd edition by primatologist,

Robert Sapolsky

Poly Vagal Exercises on Cards: Deck of Cards

Vagus Nerve Exercises

by Deb Dana, expert at Poly Vagal Theory in practice.

Anxiety book

Neuroscience of Anxiety

Learn how an anxious brain works & how to change it.


Setting Boundaries

Nedra Tawwab

Heal Your Nervous System book

Karina's Teacher!

Dr. Linnea's brilliant model for  nervous system healing & regulation.

Energy to Heal book

Hands-on  Self Healing

Karina's Friend Lauren Walker

EMDR self help book

EMDR: Self-Help Tools
by trauma expert EMDR founder,

 Francine Shapiro


Impact of Stress

Mind/body medicine at it's best! By Gabor Mate, MD

Poly Vagal book

Vagus Nerve Exercises

by Deb Dana, expert at Poly Vagal Theory in practice.

generational trauma book

Intergenerational Trauma

Science, stories and the lived experience of a Black female author.

Gratitude Journal

Science Backed!

Gratitude uplevels quality of life

Intimate Relationships & Parenting

IFS book

IFS: Intimate Relationships

by IFS Founder, Dick Schwartz.

Parenting & Neuroscience book

Child Development

Dan Seigel, MD

Couple's Gratitude Journal

Feel More Loved

 short daily couple's practice 


Child Development

Dan Seigel, MD

best book for couples therapy at home

Communication Magic

 simple, accessible skills

Kids Sleep Book

Help Kids Sleep

Mindfulness Strategies

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