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Short videos from experts in psychology, neuroscience, contemplative practice & human relating. 

Adverse Childhood Experiences

& Brain Development

5:00 minute video

Trigger Warning: this video discusses the experiences, feelings and behaviors of children and adults with trauma histories. Powerful visual learning here.

Playlists coming soon...

In the mean time, please enjoy a few sample videos!

Release Trauma
from the Nervous System

5:40 minute video
This simple exercise is performed lying on your back with hands behind the head.

Poly Vagal Theory + IFS

20 minute video

Ruth Culver explains how our "Protector Parts"
relate to different responses in the nervous system.

This info is helpful for clients and clinicians alike!

*See a larger version on the Spiral document here.

Hand Model of the Brain

2:00 minute video

Understand your brain under stress. Help your children understand too. Dan Siegel's Hand Model is used world-wide.

Limbic Brain & Trauma

5:30 minute video

Dr. Russ Harris offers an animated metaphor for how a traumatized brain responds to stress. So useful to know!

Mysterious Science of Pain

5:00 minute video

Learn the cutting edge science on why people experience pain differently. Wow!

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