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Congratulations on saying YES to investing in your-Self! Welcome to our incredible community.

YMC Basic Training Registration

Registration Process:

Step 1: Read statements of agreement, what to expect after registration, and what to do next.

Step 2: Complete the Application Form(s)*.

Step 3: Make the appropriate Payment on the same day you submit the form(s).


*scholarship applicants must complete two forms

By completing this registration process, I agree to these statements:

  1. I genuinely care for my students/clients and am committed to helping both them and me succeed.

  2. I understand that this program will teach me what to do, and that I am responsible for actually doing it. I accept that like in all forms of yoga practice, success will require patience and dedication.

  3. I will watch all class videos and make every effort to attend the live class group meetings. 

  4.  I will participate in class and homework assignments in a sober state with minimal distractions.

  5. I will honor my own process and be respectful of other's in the group. I understand that confidentiality and emotional safety are essential in this learning environment. 

  6. I respect that YMC is anti-racist and feminist organization which aims to center BIPOC and LGBTQ+. Behavior which does not align with these values will be evaluated and addressed accordingly.

  7. I appreciate that having a slot in this program means that others did not get this opportunity. Therefore, I accept that all tuition payments are non-refundable.

  8. In the unlikely chance that I am not accepted to the program, my application payment will be refunded minus a $50 administration fee.

What to expect after submitting:​

  • You many not hear from our staff right away. Don't worry, your application is being processed.

  • You will be emailed a first set of instructions two weeks before the start date.

  • You will receive a second instructional email one week before the 1st Live Meeting.

Preparations: action required!

  1. Open the two instructional YMC emails right away when they come.

    • 1st email will prompt you to complete setup on the YMC online Learning Center

    • 2nd email will tell you how to complete Class One before the 1st Live Meeting.

  2. "White list" the email address: If you have questions or concerns, please direct them to this address.

2-Step Registration Process

Please complete both steps within 12 hours:

1. Submit the Registration Form.

2. Pay the appropriate Tuition below.

Scholarship Notes:

Equity Scholarship Tuitions are for those receiving scholarships.

If you meet the requirements and need financial assistance, please submit:

  1. Registration Form  (see above)

  2. Payment - After your application has been accepted, complete payment to complete registration. (see purple box below)

Equity Scholarship Tuition: $425

Pay the $425 tuition in full at the time of registration or make a deposit.


Need to make payments?

Pay $250 Deposit to complete your registration. 
Then, pay the $200 balance by the 2nd Live Meeting.


*All Tuition Fees are subject to change. 

The values of organization require tuition prices to be fluid. We adjust to support the needs of our community and the women, POC, and LGBTQ+ leaders of this movement...

Yes, YMC is a biopsychosocial healing movement. 

We are a vritti (wave) within the with larger Healing Justice movement.

We move toward presence, embodiment, inquiry, integration, self-regulation, compassion, and repatterning. We move toward intrapersonal and generational healing. 

Regular Tuition: $1250

Now: $745

Registrations within 30 days of the start date.

 Make one payment of $ at registration.

Early Discount: $950

Now: $575

Discount ends 30 days before the start date.  Make one payment at registration.

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